Designed for your period.

Founded on the pillars of wellness and womanhood, Dear Kate creates products that empower women every day of the month. Our garments are 100% fabric and 100% breathable, with no plastic films or laminates like Polyurethane Laminates (PUL) because we care about your hygiene, comfort and cleanliness.

How Our Products Work For You

Beyond providing expert coverage during your period, Dear Kates offer everyday piece-of-mind, keeping you worry-free and fear-proof all month long. Some uses may include:

  • Period protection - Coverage against leaks and stains of menstrual blood
  • Spotting - Protection from occasional spotting due to a variety of medical conditions
  • Postpartum - Daily coverage from postpartum bleeding
  • Discharge - Protection against regular discharge
  • Sweat - Quick dry coverage from both heavy and everyday sweating
  • Incontinence - Quick dry absorption of everyday bladder leakage

No Plastic Layer. Period.

Many brands use plastic layers in their products. We do not. Plastic layers and/or films, like Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), are flexible, washable and bonded to other types of materials so you don’t see or feel them. However, these films and laminates trap liquid inside the product, rendering it (and your body) unable to breathe and dry effectively. Trapping liquid and moisture may prevent leaks, but it also traps dangerous microbes which foster bacteria, fungal and yeast growth. Those bacteria and fungi cause odors and create an unhealthy environment that could also cause infection and lead to the eventual deterioration of the product.

Q&A: What’s the difference between leak-resistant and leak proof?

Our products are leak-resistant because they are 100% fabric and breathable, moisture is wicked away from the body and travels through the fibers to provide a more comfortable and health conscious experience.

Leak proof technology requires a plastic layer and/or film. Because we DO NOT USE PLASTIC FILMS or urethanes aka PUL in our linings like other brands, we are careful to not use the term leak-proof. The liquid is not being trapped in a plastic layer or film as it is with other period undies.

Good For You. Good For The Planet.

We believe in a greener planet with less plastic in the ocean, less trash in the landfills, and more love for Mother Earth. We are equally committed to improving the health and well-being of women and girls around the world through the creation of reusable, low maintenance, health conscious products, as well as through our work with our charity partner, Center for Safety & Change.

  • Reusable - Dear Kates are good for your wallet and the environment
  • Low maintenance - High quality, machine washable products enhance your daily productivity
  • Reduce waste - 30% of us discard garments prematurely because of stains and/or odors. Dear Kates fight odor and help keep your favorite garments fresh and out of the trash
  • Improve self-confidence - Odor causes a 90% reduction in self-confidence. We are women: we bleed, we sweat, and we don’t let anything hold us back. Every woman deserves to feel fresh and fearless every day of the month
  • Give back - At Dear Kate, we proudly support the Center for Safety & Change, which provides life-saving and changing services to thousands in New York.

Know Your Flow

Different bodies flow differently and your period is unique to you. Knowing your flow will help you to figure out how Dear Kates will fit into your regular period routine, as a replacement or as a backup.

Q&A: Can I use Dear Kates solo?

When determining whether Dear Kate products will work better for you as your sole means of period protection or as a backup, consider how much you typically bleed, your standard tampon/pad/cup usage, and other personal indicators that may impact how our products work for you. Give them a go and try them at home on your heaviest day to see what type of usage will work for you.

How It Works

Our products are 100% fabric. We invented a patented technology that comprises three layers of protection against leaks, stains, and odors. The tech works to maximize the amount of liquid wicked and absorbed, creating an ecosystem that allows the fabric to dry quickly and continue to provide comfortable coverage all day long.

The Materials

We use a micro polyester fiber blend and a proprietary knit that enhances the wicking and drying qualities of the fabric and fosters an hygienic environment, promoting health, well-being and confidence.

Microfibers naturally create hydrophilic pathways perfect for transporting liquid. The liquid moves through the fibers away from the body until it reaches a point where it can evaporate and dry. This is a cycle that can repeat itself infinitely, as long as there is a place for the liquid to evaporate.

We use high performance Tactel® and LYCRA® yarns that enhance the efficacy of the outer linings’ technology. Tactel® is highly breathable and 3x tougher than other fabrics; it dries 8x faster than cotton and is softer than most other yarns. LYCRA® fibers are the industry’s best elastane fibers. They are lightweight, nearly invisible and provide the best fit, stretch and return.

Q&A: Are Dear Kates organic?

No. Any product used for menstrual hygiene has an impact on the environment. We use the most up-to-date material technologies to minimize our carbon footprint, which is important to us. For example, we use micro polyester specifically because of its ability to absorb and wick, which promotes good female health and hygiene. Unlike some of our competitors, Dear Kate products are 100% material - meaning we do not use any plastic films or urethanes (PUL) in our products because we feel those materials are not only bad for your health, but also harmful to the environment.

We currently do not use organic materials because those materials cannot be made without exorbitant amounts of water and we feel that is an additional strain on an already precious resource. There are a variety of other ways we are being environmentally responsible with the products we make. And we believe that we are doing everything we can to make the lives of women healthier and happier while keeping our commitment to a low carbon footprint viable. As technologies improve, we will improve.

The Absorbent Layers

Layers 1 & 2, the absorbent layers, work to wick the liquid away from your body, simultaneously absorbing, wicking and drying.


The weave of the microfibers creates pathways for transporting liquid. The better they transport, the faster they dry.


By inhibiting the growth of bacteria, you are protected against odors and infection. The fibers are infused with a natural Silver Salt compound which fights bacteria and fungal growth that can also cause yeast infections and UTIs. This compound is only active on the fabric and does not have skin or biological impact.


Airflow is important to vaginal health. Holding onto moisture in the warm, crotch environment fosters the growth of odor causing bacteria as well as yeast and other bacteria which can lead to yeast infections, vaginal and urinary infections.

Q&A: What are microorganisms?

Microorganisms are living organisms such as bacteria and fungi, cells too small to be seen with the naked eye. They grow rapidly from one bacteria cell to 1,048,576 cells in 7 hours. The growth of microbes on textiles can lead to: staining, loss of wicking function, growth of mildew, fungi, pathogens and bacteria. Environments that foster growth include places where moisture is trapped. Our decision not to use plastic films in our products means our garments are 100% breathable and extremely hygienic.

The Barrier Layer

Layer 3, the outer layer, acts as a barrier between you and your clothes. Leak and stain resistant, the outer layer of the lining works in tandem with the inner layers to enhance performance and protection. No plastic films or PUL keeps the products breathable.

Stain Releasing

A special finish draws water, surfactant Compounds (like detergents) that lower the tension between liquids and solids or liquid and liquid among other combinations. They diffuse in water. and detergent through the fabric to clean it, while the process of washing the product releases the stain.


Airflow is important to vaginal health. Holding onto moisture in the warm, crotch environment fosters the growth of odor-causing bacteria as well as yeast and other bacteria which can lead to yeast infections, vaginal and urinary infections.

Q&A: What could cause my undies to leak?

It is very rare for your undies to leak. but because they are 100% fabric, breathable, and hygienic, there’s no plastic film to trap the liquids (and also trap bacteria). Without plastic films, you will not risk bacterial build up and you will never feel like you’re wearing a diaper. Because we do not use plastic films, our products are promoting a healthier you. It is a major motivator to Know Your Flow because how you wear and treat your Kates, has a huge impact on how effective they will be. Here are the two reasons you could leak (alone or combined):

Over saturation: We all know it’s possible to leak too much, like that sudden unexpected gush in the middle of the day. As such, it’s possible for you to overpower the technology in a short period of time. This could cause a leak. Just like you would change a tampon, pad, etc. when you’re bleeding heavily, you will want to change your undies if they become oversaturated.

If you’re more visual, imagine a sponge. It usually absorbs just right if the amount of liquid is absorbed at a rate where it can spread throughout the sponge and dry in order for it to absorb more. However, when the sponge is overpowered with too much liquid - it can’t possibly absorb all of the liquid because it has nowhere to go and the sponge fails; it leaks and doesn’t absorb. Oversaturing your undies “works” the same way.

Pressure: Either with or without over saturating the lining, pressure can cause a leak. The longer you sit and apply pressure to the garment the higher the likelihood the technology will not be able to perform because you restrict airflow. If the lining can’t dry it will have a higher potential to pass a leak through all layers and onto your clothes. So keep moving.

Caring for your Kates

Love your Kates like they love you. With some simple TLC, your garments will have a long and happy life. We recommend machine washing them with gentle detergents on the delicate cycle. We also recommend never using fabric softeners or harsh detergents because these clog the arteries of the fabric, so to speak, and prevent proper wicking and drying. While you can pop them in the dryer on a low setting, line drying is the kinder thing to do. So be kind, line dry.

Dear Kate products should NEVER:

  • Be cleansed with harsh detergents (these abrade and break down clothes which shortens their effectiveness and lifespan)
  • Be cleansed with fabric softeners (it's like fabric cholesterol and blocks the pathways in the fabric through which the liquid travels)
  • Be bleached (bleach kills everything, need we say more)
  • Be dry cleaned (putting the products into such a harsh environment with or without the added chemicals is bad)
  • Be washed in hot water (heat breaks down the fibers and natural componds that make these products so effective)